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Points Policies

1. How to Get Points?

(1) Reward Points for New Members: 1000 Points


(2) Reservation Points

You can get points for any successful reservation of HRC products (hotels, flights, tours, etc.)

Reservation Points = Basic Points * Level Coefficient


Calculation Rules for Basic Points

(a) Hotels Reservation in China Mainland

Canton Fair Booking: Basic Points = Reservation RMB Amount * 4 (1 RMB=4 Base Points)

Normal Period Booking: Basic Points = Reservation RMB Amount (1 RMB=1 Base Point)

(b) Hong Kong / Macau Hotels Reservation

Basic Points = Reservation RMB Amount (1 RMB=1 Base Point)

(c) Flight Reservation

Basic Points = Reservation RMB Amount / 4 (4 RMB=1 Base Point, not included fuel surcharge, airport construction fee and taxes)

(d) Tours Reservation

Basic Points = Reservation RMB Amount (1 RMB=1 Base Point)


Level Coefficients of all Membership are as follow:

Membership Level            Level Coefficient

Regular                                                   1

Gold                                               1.5

Platinum                                       2

Diamond                                       2.5


Membership Upgrade Requirement (Both points & times of consumptions are required)

Membership Level                     Points Required                 Times of Consumption Required

Gold                                               30000                                   3

Platinum                                       80000                                   10

Diamond                                       200000                                 25


(3) Review Points

You can also earn points by reviewing your consumed products (hotels, flights, tours, etc). You reviews will be rated by our Customer Service Manager and rewarded points accordingly under the following standards:

Invaluable: 0 Point

Well, of some help: 10 Points

Helpful: 50 Points

Great Valuable: 100 Points


2. Points Redemption

(1) Redemption Rate: 1%


(2) Validity: HRC Member Points are of lifelong validity. No Expiration.


(3) Points Validity Initiation

Points are credited to member account in 1-2 weeks after successful consumption.


(4) Points Deduction

On the circumstance of booking cancellation, points are not credited to the member account.


(5) Notice

(a) On the circumstance of booking amendment, points are subject to the final reservation.

(b) Points are accumulated in whole number and fractions will be rounded down.

(c) Points are redeemed with the earliest and deducted with the latest.


3. Declaration

All rights of explanation are reserved to HRC Worldwide Hotel and Travel Service Co. Ltd.